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Non-muslim In Malaysia Status

Malaysians, represented by Malays and Bumiputra aren’t using religion in attacking other people’s freedom. Malaysia is one of the islamic country that are very liberal and grant the muslims and non-muslims to do whatever they want unless their action is not crossing the line of the national constitution. Non-muslims here are very lucky coz they’re allowed to run casino, pubs and selling alcohol in legal way, even though they aware that Malaysia is an islamic country. See, Malaysian govt and muslims in this country were so tolerant by allowing non-muslims to do their culture and habits. But, please dear all non-muslims, you guys are too much right now, with Octoberfest event, humiliating statement towards muslims and islam principle, and also interfering islam sharia law and constitution. That’s too much, as you guys really know every matters that related about islam affairs aren’t your responsibility.

From now on, please be a good non-muslim citizen in islamic country. Just be grateful as you guys still able to drink alcohol as much as you can legally in this country. In my perspective, according to Malay idiom, ‘orang memberi kita merasa, orang berbudi kita berbahasa’, so as you guys gain almost full freedom in practicing your lifestyle, habit and culture including that alcohol, there’s no wrong if you guys can keep the good name of Malaysia as islamic country by stoping that Octoberfest and anything that can ruining the sense of unity in this country. Furthermore, Octoberfest is a german culture’s event, so that’s nothing related to us. If you really want to drink in large scale, you can buy it all at 7E or hypermarket.

Please don’t forget this: remember your position in society and constitution of the country, and be grateful for every freedom and privileges granted to you guys from govt. As you guys to greedy in satisfying your lust, I’m pretty sure that you guys can lose everything you have in the constitution…

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From A Fellow Non Muslim Malaysian View.

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