** recipe 4 A heAlthy yoU **

hai semua….

ok tajuk entry kali ni aku amik dr slh 1 magezine yg aku pnjam kt library smlm…konon2 dlm proses mdiet la kan..so cri la tips2 yg bleh d gn pakai..so tips ni aku nk share ngan korang semua tp aku xingt wich magzine yg aku amik…

Begin with an early rise
MIX in a light 2 miles walk
ADD a healty breakfas
SPRINKLE in laughter, smile and good cheer
STIR well

CONTINUE on medium
Gradually MIX in hard work and a sense of accomplishment
COOL DOWN frequently
ADD several servings of organics fruits
light protein and carbohydrates
STIR in breif meditation
SPRINKLE in friends and family
COOL again
FLATTEN and let rest for 8 hours


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