** Zahra de Tigris **

Salam semua.. sihat??

Alhamdulillah saya sihat tapi… mama kurang sihat..semalaman pening-pening and muntah malam tadi.. oh.. Ya Allah sembuhkan lah sakit mama ku…AMIN…

Entry ni berkisar cerita novel yang aku pinjam di perpustakaan yang ada dalam Jusco Perai.. Koleksi buku- buku yang ada memang menarik untuk dibaca oleh semua lapisan umur dan masyarakat…magazine pun semua yang the lates ok,bukan yang dah agak kuning-kuning pagenya..huhuu

So every 2 weeks me and my sister’s family will go to Jusco Perai not for shopping but for borrowing and returning the books that we had borrowed. Usually you can borrow the book for 2 weeks but yes, you have limited books to borrow. Each person can only borrow 5 books ONLY.. Not like library in Bend Oregon, US, you can borrow anythings like books, Cd’s, Dvd’s, even toys or video type as many as you like..macam borong sakan pulak aku rasa. Gile punya best library di sana.. Sini ada lagi ke video tape?? Oh pleseee.. Dah tak glamor lah kononya kan.. 😉
OK, back to the story, the novel is about a girl.. Oops, she is actually a lady because her age is around the 30’s. Her name is Khairunisa, I thought it was Zahrah.. Hehe..because of the book title Zahrah de Tigris right.. I will read the synopsis of the book 1st before I make a decision to borrow it or should I choose another book. Hemm.. Well not too bad after I read through the synopsis behind of the novel, okay I choose this book and others books also.

So what can i share with you guys about this novel is, she is a strong Malay woman who decided to be a teacher at Baghdad.. YES..Baghdad, Iran.. a place were you would be surrounded by bullets and bombs everywhere and almost every time. Ya Allah can you imagine that.. living in wars every day.. booms here booms there.. and many innocent people being killed.. died died died….. children, elderly people and women..

Don’t you think she is a crazy woman who wants to work at that kind of place?!? Why would she want to work at Baghdad?? WHY?? she’s got a degree from

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